Crossroads Centre Antigua

At Crossroads Centre Antigua, we help our clients to start a journey toward a life free from the devastating effects of alcohol and other drug dependencies.

Our Philosophy

At Crossroads Centre Antigua, we view addiction as a compulsive dependence on alcohol, substances, people or behaviors, despite harmful consequences. Addiction is a condition that is progressive unless it is properly treated, and our model of treatment is a proven method that works. We believe there are two core goals necessary for success:

  1. A commitment to abstinence from alcohol, drugs and self-harming behaviors.
  2. A change in lifestyle that supports abstinence and promotes personal growth in recovery.

All members of the Crossroads Antigua staff are dedicated to helping each of our clients to achieve both of these goals.

Founded by music legend Eric Clapton, Crossroads Centre Antigua offers a therapeutic, supportive and safe environment, away from the confusion of life in addiction, on the beautiful island of Antigua.

Since 1998, we have been committed to providing treatment of the highest quality that is affordable to all. Our programs are based on the 12-Step model of treatment, supporting the dignity of individuals and their families who have suffered the effects of alcohol and other drug addictions.

I could never have made it without the kind of treatment that we offer here.

Eric Clapton, Founder