About Us

Turn up for Recovery is a charitable movement aiming to raise awareness of abstinence-based recovery, tackle the stigma of addiction and help make treatment affordable to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Story

The idea for Turn up for Recovery came to our Founder, Melia Clapton, while she was walking her dog. She wanted to tackle the stigma around addiction and alcoholism and raise awareness about the power of abstinence based recovery. It’s a topic that’s very close to her heart, having supported family members throughout their recovery. 

But how could we bring people together to talk about it? Well, the best way Melia could see was through music. 

Her vision is for an inclusive community of artists, music lovers and those affected by addiction coming together to have a good time, talk about recovery and raise money for others to get the help that they need. Whether it’s in a big arena or a backyard, each and every gig makes a difference. 

The movement was announced in 2019 after Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival in Dallas, Texas and has been slowly growing ever since. 

Melia Clapton on stage at the 2019 Crossroads Festival, announcing Turn up for Recovery

The Turn Up For Recovery Committee

Melia brought the movement to life with the support of a passionate group of experts in both recovery and the music industry. Every member has been touched by addiction in some away and have seen the gifts that come from recovery. They are absolutely committed to bringing recovery to more people and giving back!

Where does the money go?

Money raised goes towards helping people in need go through treatment at Crossroads Centre Antigua, which provides medical, physical and psychological support in a safe environment. Any surplus money raised would be distributed between other abstinence-based recovery Charities.

More about the Crossroads Centre

The Crossroads Centre has played a huge part in getting the movement off the ground. It’s a very special place which changes hundreds of lives a year. People share stories of arriving at the Centre feeling broken, in deep despair but find hope in Recovery.

The methodology used at the Crossroads Centre is rooted in total abstinence using the 12 step model as a tool for effective ongoing recovery provided in a safe and nurturing environment. The program particular emphasises group therapy and consists of, Individual Counselling, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Massage, Yoga, Acupuncture, and Physical fitness activities. The goal is to support the healing of individuals physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually in a holistic way. 

Join us

If you share our passion for tackling the stigma around addiction and making abstinence based recovery available to all then get involved.

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