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Current status | CLOSED

Thank you so much for your interest in being part of a Turn Up For Recovery production.

Submissions for our Youtube channel are currently closed, but please read through our submission guide below and check back in the future!


The following notes are just to give you a clearer idea of what we have in mind.

Submissions will be reviewed and considered for suitable placement.

Our aim is to create online shows and through the power of music, highlight what the Turn Up For Recovery (TUFR) movement does:

Which is in short:
• Raise awareness about those whose lives are directly affected by addiction/alcoholism as well as the direct impact this has on their family members
• Promote abstinence-based recovery
• Raise funds for those needing to access treatment at Crossroads Centre Antigua

What to include in your submission:
• Up to three songs performed however you like
• The choice of songs is completely up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with, thought we do favor original content.
• If you would like to say a few words that would be great: Feel free to say what you like, if you have a personal connection with recovery you’d like to share, or if you want to keep it simple just introduce yourself.
• Please provide a high quality photo and  links to any relevant social media accounts

Performance is everything! – but here’s a few technical details to keep us running smoothly:

• Submissions should be in HD quality, ideally 1920×1080 resolution

• If you’re setup for recording/filming at home then please use your preferred method

• Recording on a phone/tablet will also be totally cool, but please ensure your performance is captured in landscape as per example below.

• Upload your video performance plus any supporting assets to a cloud service, i.e Dropbox, Google drive, or similar and send a link along with a short bio to

Many thanks for your support!
from Team TUFR