Livestream in support of TUFR

Thank you Brooks Young for turning up and getting involved!

August 10, 2020

For many years I’ve toured as a musician around the United States, one of the most noticeable things I’ve witnessed backstage and on stage is musicians and crew drinking pre and post-show. Alcohol has been an almost industry staple for many people living this lifestyle, I have seen this first hand and have taken part a few times myself in a drink or two pre and post-show.

I’ve followed the Crossroads Centre in Antigua since its opening. As I’ve always looked up to Eric Clapton, he’s been my inspiration for becoming a musician, leading to learning about “Turn Up For Recovery,” founded by his wife, Melia Clapton. I found it could be an outlet to give my fanbase and fellow musicians awareness of addiction and ways of recovery. Bringing people together with music to help bring awareness to addiction is a beautiful and collaborative way to bring a community together.

My performance took place at the historic “Palace Theatre” located in New Hampshire on August 7th. Due to COVID it was my sound engineer and me that set-up for the production for live streaming. It was a strange feeling looking out from on stage at a large empty theatre, but knowing that someone tuning in online might be enlightened by the “Turn Up For Recovery” message and my performance helped me feel at ease.

I enjoyed performing for “Turn Up For Recovery.” with over five hundred people watching, hoping that I could bring awareness and possibly inform someone watching that there’s always a bright light of hope and ways to make a recovery together!

Brooks Young