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Ronnie Wood brings awareness and supports through painting, Thank you Ronnie!

Ronnie Wood released a new signed, limited-edition print in support of Turn Up For Recovery.

April 26, 2021

Ronnie is one of the foremost rock guitarists in the world, but his artistic talents have always extended beyond music. Ronnie has continued his passion for painting and drawing in tandem with his musical career and his art is widely collected throughout the world.

When I Take Care of Myself I Can Achieve Anything is the first in a series of vibrant Affirmation artworks created by the artist and Rolling Stones guitarist, inspired by an important part of his personal recovery.

Affirmations – important tools in recovery – are short, positive messages repeated to encourage change in the way we think and to help maintain emotional and mental resilience through this transformative period.

Depicting a message of positivity and inspiration, When I Take Care of Myself I Can Achieve Anythingis signed by Ronnie and available as a numbered edition of 500 priced at £399, with 50% of the proceeds going to Turn Up For Recovery.*/*/Affirmation-1/6XV30000000

Please share with all your friends and family, Thank you for your continued support!